Quiz 1: Introduction to Being a Health Care Worker


Many scientific discoveries lead to the formation of current, effective and advanced medical system today. These scientific discoveries came into light mainly in the nineteenth and twentieth century mainly. Three scientific discoveries, which made in the present medical system, are as follows: 1. Louis Pasteur during the period of 1822-1895 discovered through his experiments that microorganisms cause diseases. Several researchers like Joseph Lister, Ernst von Bergmann further takes reference of this result and suggest means of safe medical surgery, which used today to save the patient's life. 2. In 1895, Wilhelm Roentgen discovered X-rays. This discovery allows doctors to see inside the body and helped them in treatment of patients. Today X-rays became an important medical test during treatment. 3. During the period of 1914-1995, Jonas Salk discovered that a dead polio virus (responsible for paralyzing thousands of children every year) causes immunity to poliomyelitis.

Means of health care has changed and developed throughout history. The experiences and discoveries of ancient time results in the advances and scientific medical care of today. There is a big difference in treatment given to this patient in ancient time and today. In ancient time, it was assumed that the diseases like gastrointestinal disease were caused by evil powers, and priest called upon the gods to heal the patient. Also at that time, acupuncture was given to the patient in order to treat the problem. Greek physicians, first try to understand the cause of disease and provide massage and herbal therapies and medicines to the patient. Other problems like heart disorders were treated by using plants and herbs as medicines. Earlier the source of digitalis used to come from the foxglove plant. Chewing the leaves used to slow and strengthen the heartbeat. However, nowadays it is given in the form of pill, or intravenously, that is by injection. Today, as health care system gets advanced and more scientific, health care professionals aims not only to treat patient physically, but they also help the patient to achieve holistic health including social, mental and spiritual wellness. Today patient is receiving proper medication to treat gastrointestinal problem and heart diseases. Even before starting medication, doctor would also perform some problem related medical test to find the cause of disease. After that, proper treatment is given to the patient.

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