Quiz 17: Drug Use, Forensic Toxicology, Workplace Testing, Sports Medicine, and Related Areas


According to a recent report published by the Future National Results on adolescent drug use, tobacco and alcohol forms the category of the most commonly used drugs. These are further followed by the use of marijuana. Although, tobacco and alcohol do not fall under the category of gateway drugs, their overconsumption can lead to various serious health hazards of wide spectrum. With increased tolerance to drugs after addiction, the body begins to respond to much higher doses of drugs. The only possible way to get rid of such addictions is to stop the consumption of such drugs with time. Withdrawal from such drugs would cause several withdrawal symptoms, which can also sometimes result in serious health issues. It the social duty of people and the parents to be aware of such things and to regularly discuss it with their kids.

Tobacco is a class of drugs that chiefly contains nicotine and is commonly found in cigarettes, bidis, and cigars. Overconsumption of tobacco results in cancer. Alcohol is found commonly in wine, beer, and liquor. Overconsumption and abuse of alcohol may cause serious liver problems. Valium belongs to a class of compounds called benzodiazepines and they are chiefly used in the treatment of anxiety disorders and muscle spasms. They are also useful in the treatment of alcohol withdrawal symptoms. These drugs are not banned or illegal, but their overconsumption can result in harmful consequences. Hence, the options a, b and d are incorrect. Illicit drugs refer to a class of drugs whose manufacture is considered illegal. They are not allowed to be sold or used. Some of the most common illicit drugs are heroin, unauthorized marijuana, inhalants, and hallucinogens. Hence, the correct answer is the option img .

Drugs are any substance that helps in providing nutrition support to the body other than the food. It can be taken by injection, inhaled, consumed, absorbed through the skin and smoked. It can also be dissolved below the tongue. It is responsible for any change that is physiological for the body. Drugs fall under many categories based on their mode of action and the consequences they have on the consumer. They can act as a stimulant by boosting the performance of the consumer or can even, act as depressants by relaxing the person. It can help in avoiding unwanted thoughts and feelings. The following table given below shows the different classes of drugs with an example of each. The categories of the drugs are as follows: img