Quiz 8: Digital Media


WAV Wave stands for waveform audio file format. No additional plugin is required for playing these sound files in web browser. When user is creating a web page and he wants to add links to the sound files, then the WAV files must be used, as this format is supported by most of the browser. Waveform audio file format is the file format for storing the uncompressed audio files. WAV files are compatible with Linux, windows and Macintosh. It is very uncommon to share WAV files over the internet. Window media player is commonly used for playing the WAV files, if Window media player is not installed in user's computer then user must lets the operating system to choose an appropriate program to open the WAV files. User can also convert WAV files to another file format with the help of file conversion software programs. The size of WAV files is more than the mp3 files as it is not compressed and WAV files have a good flexibility. Therefore, the appropriate word to fill in the blank is WAV.

Analog sound wave Analog sound wave is a continuous curve of wave. Vibration of matter like drum head or violin string produce sound and the sound is always in the form of the waves. The continuous curve of the sound wave is smooth and it is recorded with the help of the analog device. For converting an analog audio sound to the digital format, sampling is done. Sampling is the process of converting the sound waves in the form which a computer can store or understand. For recording the sound digitally, samples of the sound audio are collected at regular interval and they are stored as the numeric data. img For digitalizing a sound wave, it must be divided into vertical segments which are called samples. The height of every sample is converted to the binary form and then stored to computer as the computer only understands the binary data.

MIDI MIDI music is a synthesized sound. These sounds are automatically created. MIDI stands for musical instruments digital interface which specifies a way for storing music data for MIDI instruments and computers A MIDI file contains instruction to create a pitch, duration of note and the volume. Computer can communicate with the sound synthesizer with the help of MIDI music. MIDI music is encoded by the computer as a MIDI sequence and this encoded music can be saved as.mid,.rol,.cmp file extensions. A MIDI sequence contains a number of instructions regarding the pitch of the note, instruments that are used for playing the note, beginning point of the note, note volume and the ending point of the note. Sound card which are MIDI capable contains a wavetable which is known as the set of prerecorded MIDI instruments sounds file. Therefore, the appropriate word to fill in the blank is MIDI.

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