Quiz 2: Computer Hardware


Microprocessor Microprocessor is the heart of all computers. It is sometimes also known as Central processing unit. It accepts digital data as input processes it according to instructions stored in memory and provides the output. There are many companies developing microprocessor, such as Intel, AMD etc. User can see all the other related point of microprocessor on the basis of specification which is provided in the ad. Intel ® Core TM i7-920 , first line of the ad tells the microprocessor is manufactured by Intel company and the processor number is i7-920. Therefore, the appropriate word to fill in the blank is Intel.

Components of Computer System A computer is a programmable machine that can execute list of instructions to give an output. It is a device which is basically used for performing many kinds of computations and calculations. User provides some input to computer by using input devices then computer performs operation on that input and then output is displayed on the output devices. Devices of computer: The different kinds of devices associated with computer are:- 1. Input devices: Input devices accept data and instruction from the user. These data or instructions are passed to the computer on which the computer operates and give the desired output. These devices are only responsible for providing input from the user. Major input devices include Keyboard, mouse, joystick, light-pen, trackball, scanner, and microphone. 2. Output devices : When the computer gets input from the user, it processes and performs desired operations on that input. After this the result which is generated is stored in storage. This result needs some devices through which the result could be displayed to the user. For this we have the output devices. The output devices display the output to the user. Example: Monitor 3. Storage Devices: Storage devices help the user to store the data permanently. It is basically used for the storage of data and instructions. Storage devices include CD, DVD, Blu-ray, flash drive, floppy disk, hard disk drives etc. Mainly three types of storage technology are used in computers: magnetic, optical and solid state. It plays an important role because it store data before and after the processing. Table listing various components of computer on the basis of categories: img

Memory Memory is used for storing information and data in devices. A computer system has two kinds of memory which is temporary or RAM and permanent or ROM. Normally in ads the specification for memory is given. If it's given as "6GB tri-channel DDR3 at 1066Mhz" that means the computer is having 6GB memory and it operates at 1066MHz. The specification "500GB - SATA-II (7200rpm)" means a hard disk drive with 500GB capacity, SATA drive controller and speed of 7200 revolutions per minute. Therefore, the appropriate word to fill in the blank is 500 and 6.

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