Quiz 10: Key Material From Part A


The actual series of steps followed in the building of a specific product is called as life cycle. It defines the tasks performed at each stage in developing a software. It consists of complete plan of explaining how to develop, maintain and replace a software. The five core workflows are performed over the entire life cycle model are as follows: • Requirement workflow • Analysis workflow • Design workflow • Implementation workflow • Test workflow The theoretical description of how to build a software is called as life cycle model. In order to attain a quality and manageable software development process, various software development models are being used. There are several successful models are there in development process, some of them are • Spiral model • Waterfall - model • V-model and the • Agile model

The moving target problem is occurring because the client's requirements are changing frequently while the software development and so the partially developed software needs to be changed again and again. • Even though the changes in the requirements are good, it will have negative impact on the software product. • It causes to the regression fault due to the changes made in a software product. • It leads to redesign and reimplement, if there are too many changes are there. And change is compulsory. Hence, there is no solution to this problem.

Increment refers to the entire number of functionality. And iteration enhances the quality of increment. The differences of increment and iteration are tabulated as follows: img