Quiz 9: Planning and Estimating


Milestones represent a clear sequence of events that is built up to complete the work on time until your project is complete. Milestone has a start and end date and the project are bound to be completed according to the dates. Few features of milestone are:- • Milestone is something that is established to know you are on track. • Milestones are gateways for management approval. • It is a way of knowing how the project is advancing. • Milestones are measurable and observable and serve as process markers. • Using milestones project is divided and monitoring is done on the performance. In the similar context, Millstone was a machine used to grind grains etc. in ancient days. It had a pair of cylindrical stones which were rotated one against other to grind. So, in other works Millstone is considered as a heavy burden, such as a responsibility or obligation. It can be said as millstone is a load that is difficult to carry. Hence, milestone is referred to as millstone because they both have similar meaning as:- Milestone-is an expectation that someone has for a project that it is done on time. Millstone-is a burden, some responsibility that has to be done.

(i) Files Flows Processes (FFP) is a metric used to estimate the cost of product. The Files are a collection of related records in product. Flows are data interface between product and environment. Process is a functional manipulation of data. The Size is calculated as the sum of Files, Flows and Processes. img The data given in the problem is: - 8 Files, 48 Flows, 91 Processes, so the Size is calculated as:- img (ii) For a given number of Files, Flows and processes in a product Cost C can be calculated as:- img Where d is a measure of efficiency of software development process in the organisation. In the given problem d is given as $1021 and size is calculated as 147 in section (i). Therefore, img (iii) The cost estimated to develop the product was $ 150,087, but the product development team completed it at a cost of $ 135,200.This shows the speed, volume, efficiency and quality of the development team. The production of development team shows that:- • There was clear goal. • There was a result oriented structure • The members were Competent • There was a Standard of excellence. All the above points must have helped the development team to complete the product in cost less than the estimated cost.

Consider the following data shown in the below table: img Unadjusted function points = img