Quiz 6: The Internet


Domain Name Sever • The technique used to redirect web site from one to another when DNS is malfunctioned is called DNS Cache Poisoning. • Therefore, the hacker used this DNS Cache Poisoning technique to divert the website. Therefore, the appropriate word to fill in the blank is DNS.

Evolution of internet Evolution of computers is comprised of mainly 3 events given below: 1. Creation of ARPANet 2. Development of TCP 3. E-mail feature The explanation of all 3 events is given below: 1. Creation of ARPANet: After the launch of first artificial satellite "Sputnik" in 1957, the internet was started. In 1969 ARPANet was created by ARPA which is advanced research project agency. The main purpose of ARPA is to create a system of internetworks with which many separate networks can be joined to form a large network. Internet is a collection of Internet service provider which handles their own network and client and also connects with other network. 2. Development of TCP: In 1982, TCP (Transmission control protocol) was developed. A protocol is a set of rules which is used to transfer data between networks. Two or more networks when connected to each other forms internet. Internet was designed for communication between networks. E-mail feature: When internet was created, it was not so friendly and hence it was used by engineers and scientists. Person who wants to use internet has to learn a lot of complex things about internet. Email was added to internet system in 1972. "@" symbol was used in emails for connecting username with the address. A lot of protocols like TELNET, FTP, PPP, TCP, IP etc were created to govern the connection. Now, internet is too huge. A lot of users are accessing the internet as per the need. A large amount of information is stored on the internet about almost each and every topic. And internet is very necessary for students, teachers and everyone who want to learn anything can use internet.

Universal Serial Bus • The cable which is shown in the image is a cable with broad USB to install high-speed internet connection. • Since the pin of the cable is broad USB: the port to connect the cable should also be alike. • Therefore, the cable is connected to the USB port of the computer peripherals. Therefore, the appropriate word to fill in the blank is Universal Serial Bus (USB ).