Quiz 3: New Service Development


Service blueprint: It is a planning tool which helps to provide the guidance of how the operational activities are designed for a service provider. It basically includes all the physical evidences, system operations front end and backend and the functions to be performed by the staff. The blue print is mentioned below: img

Service blueprint refers to a technique that is used for service innovation and includes applications that is used in diagnosing problems with operational efficiency. Besides that, it is used to conceptualize structural change. Prepare a service blueprint for C Cleaning. The structure for the same is shown below: img

Company A illustrates the sources of service sector growth by emphasizing on Information technology, making effective use of internet, innovation and changing demographics. Company A's contribution to IT sector is explained below: The company has a market cap of $87 billion and supplies goods all over the globe. The firm is a more centralized organization, who built their own website and partnered with Toys R as a strategic alliance. Their association with the Toys R made them to take a new turn called *GS' commerce. It's an approach to provide technology and marketing solutions to the retailers. Company A's effective use of internet is described below: • The company prefers to be an intermediary that accelerates peer to peer commerce. Besides that, company A efficiently uses new technologies to provide convenience to the customers for one place shopping. The firm when receives an order from the customer, it studies the delivery needs and provide two days delivery on most of the orders. The firm in the beginning has kept only the stocks of the frequent sold products. Later, the firm has increased the warehouse space as the operations went global. • They started as an online book retailer and later laid their hands on all products. The firm installed an electronic store management system to exchange information within the company and the warehouse. • The company made the business model scalable by locating the stores that are in each city and distributing goods with lower occupancy cost. • Also, the firm outsourced their inventory management process to provide logistics and order fulfillment services. The firm concentrated mostly on innovation and software to make their inventory process easier than the hardware. Company A's contribution in innovation and changing demographics is described below: • Company A already has a strong market presence, so making internet radio known to consumers was not a difficult task for them. The e-commerce giant has been welcoming advanced opportunities for streaming music without interruption. • In light of the technological environment, Company A knew that they will be competing with other organizations that stream music for free with limited interruptions. Other competitors for example, allow users to stream for free and create their own playlist. In such a case, Company A evaluated their strategies and framed strategies accordingly in the market. • The current economy enabled company A to expand in the market. A small reduction in the cost generally increases the sales of the company.