Quiz 1: The Service Economy


Service packages comes in various dimensions and environments. A service package refers to a cluster of products and services along with the relevant information useful for the customers in a particular environment. There are innumerable service providers globally and the service providers market themselves with respect to the service packages they adhere to. Describing a service package refers to analyzing the services and products of the service provider with respect to the predetermined characteristics and any additional features possessed by the provider. In the Village Volvo case study the following are observed as the service package attributes. 1. Supporting Facility: The supporting facility would enhance the image of the service provider and attract more customers. In this case the Village Volvo is equipped with a new Butler building, which would be a good ambience for the customers. An office and four work bays, waiting area for the customers and a spacious storage room. 2. Facilitating Goods: The customers bring in cars for repair or service and these are facilitating goods of the Village Volvo. The quality of the service is claimed to be good and the customer satisfaction is given more priority. 3. Information: The Village Volvo follows a systematic procedure in collecting and storing information about the cars that come for the service and the work they have done on the cars. This would help the employees to have a track on the history of the work done on the vehicles and the possible issues that may arise in future and inform the customers about this well in advance. They have named this system as CCVD or Custom care vehicle dossier. 4. Explicit Services: The manager of the Village Volvo pulls out time to involve in conversation with the customers about the quality of services and the suggestions. This would help in improving the customer relationship. Fixing the cars with a quality in service there by satisfying the customers, these can be counted as the explicit services of the firm. 5. Implicit Services: The implicit services includes being socially responsible by recycling the old and worn out parts of the car instead of dumbing it in the trash and the repair services they provide with out any hassle, which make the customers satisfied. The other features of the service package includes: • Regular services like oil change and tune up. • Customer relationship. • Estimation of cost and time duration before staring the work to check if the customers are comfortable with it. • Help desk comprising of experienced mechanics.

The service operators popularize themselves in the form of service packages they provide so as to gain more customers. The service packages may be referred to as the services and the information relevant to it being made accessible to the customers in the particular environment. As a part of the expansion in the global business there are many dealers for the same service and each of them claim to be better and unique than the other in some of the attributes. The service package of a service provider determines the uniqueness of the operator in various aspects with regard to the working environment. The most common attributes taken in to consideration for a service package are supporting facility, facilitating goods, explicit services and implicit services. The ultimate aim of the service package is to ensure quality in the service and customer satisfaction, as they are the key elements for a business to be successful. The service package of the Xpresso Lube can be described with regard to the above features as follows. 1. Supporting Facility: The supporting facility of the service package attracts more customers and the satisfaction level of the customers would be higher if this facility is found to be pleasing. The Xpresso Lube is located in the main street near to the university making it easily accessible to the students and the staffs. They also provide transportation facility to and from the Lube to the customer place. This would reduce the rush in the Lube and make a place of preference for the working customers. 2. Facilitating Goods: The Lube is provided with a coffee bar with a large waiting area with sufficient tables and chairs. The waiting area is extended to out side covered area so as to use in the pleasant weather. This would make the customers to wait leisurely with out getting tired of the time taken for the service. The stereo music system and the different reading material available help to make the customers comfortable. The customers can make their shopping in the near by local shops by leaving the vehicle for service which would be taken as an added advantage for choosing the Lube. 3. Explicit services: The explicit services of the Lube that makes them more preferred dealer than the others can be to and for transportation of services, customers can view the lower side of the vehicle to identify the issue with the presence of the lift and the services are charged comparatively reasonable and cheaper. 4. Implicit services: The implicit services that makes the Lube win the trust of the customers can be the presence of the coffee bar and a pleasant ambience in the waiting room, music being played in the coffee bar, the honest approach of the mechanics towards the customers.

A person's lifestyle is shaped by his attitude, beliefs, value, culture as well as the type of work he or she does. Person's job affects their decision making, dressing and their demand pattern. Below table states some of the factors that are affected by an individual's work or job: img Therefore, from the above table one can conclude that an individual affects their lifestyle.