Quiz 17: Export and Import Practices


Women represent approximately half of the world's population and are equally or even more able than mans. Women are more proactive in managing things and are expressive in nature. They possess great management skills and can express emotions in a better way in comparison to man. They can persuade people to follow and perform tasks and often work well in conflicting situations. But it doesn't means that the said company should start selecting more women for international assignments. However, the company must assess the capabilities of all available candidates, male of female, on the basis of the job requirements and role requirements. The company must also make sure that there should be no discrimination in selecting appropriate candidate for the international assignments.

Case Summary: Miller is the good and hardworking employee of the TI. She just returned to her office and her boss offered her chance to go S as an in charge of the new office but she had dreamed of going to LA. Now she is in dilemma of either to accept the offer or not. She had joined the company after completing her graduation. She had been promoted several times in the company and now She is the VP of NA operations. During her journey she traveled a lot and visited many places from the time of her schooling to the time of getting the position of VP. Now she is thinking out the offer as well as about her family as her husband also working as an accountant in LA and she has two children. Her boss gives her one week time to give him the answer. She called her friends for the suggestion. The friend of Miller would recommend her to accept the international assignment that has been offered by her company to her because it would help her to prove herself in front of her company. Also, it helps to reach her on the top position where she wants to reach. As she has visited many countries of the world and able to adopt the culture of another country.

The commercial activities that cross national borders are known as international business. The goods, services, technology, personnel etc. all are moved from one country to another and also to many countries and vice versa. This movement is known as import and export in layman language. It is generally done through various modes of entry like licensing, franchising etc. The average age of the population increased in some nations by 1 percent of the individuals aged 65 years old or more and it is also increased by 10 percent in the coming years. Following are the reasons for the increasing average age of the population: 1. The improvement in medical care and treatment. 2. Improvement in health care plans. 3. Improvement in the social and economic factors. The following are the implications of this trend: 1. The companies have to produce more products, considering this age group people in mind. 2. Companies have to focus now on the taste and preference of this age group people. 3. The production of care equipment will manufacture more. 4. The companies also need to focus on health of this age group people.