Quiz 11: Global Leadership Issues and Practices


Women leadership: The act of leading and guiding people in the organization. Ability to manage a group of people in the workplace constitutes leadership skills. Usually in organizations, employees are motivated by their leaders. In recent time's women plays a crucial role in leading the work groups globally. This leads to emergence of women's leadership globally. Strategies to increase women's leadership globally are as follows: • Overcome challenges related to gender inequality • Taking initiatives • Accepting overseas assignments • Leading people effectively in the teams Women with the effective leadership skills and problem solving skills are best suited for the executive positions globally. Therefore, if women overcome the challenges, then they can easily reach to the global leadership positions.

Facts of the Case: The case is about a person Mr. JM who has made a place for himself in the company CC by this stellar performance as divisional VP of US. He is then promoted as the VP of a division in Asia-Pacific region. The challenge of transforming the performance of this division is taken up by Mr. JM. He succeeds in doing this in a couple of quarters. But from the third quarter onwards, there have been resignations of the key managers form the Asia-Pacific division. The performance of the division slowly falls and finally Mr. JM is shifted to a less prestigious domestic unit of the company. Reason of failure in Asia-Pacific division: Mr. JM was able to perform well in the US division as that was the place he was well acquainted with. He knew the culture and the nature of people in US. So, taking measures and controlling the organization to improve the performance was comparatively easy. However, in case of the Asia-Pacific division, the national level culture was distinctly different from that of MR. JM. He failed to understand the fact that the national level culture will influence the willingness to accept change. Mr. JM had started close monitoring of the performance of the employees which was not liked by the employees in the Asia-Pacific division. Their culture is distinctly different from the culture of US employees. Mr. JM should have taken this fact into consideration before implementing the changes in the Asia-Pacific division.

Global mindset: Global mindset refers to the mindset where one combines the openness and awareness of diversity across cultures and markets. It also has the ability to synthesize across the diversity. There are two components of global mindset i.e. intellectual intelligence and global emotional intelligence. Intellectual intelligence deals with business acumen while global emotional intelligence includes self awareness and cross cultural effectiveness. The two components provide the foundation for global behaviour and global leadership style. Importance of global mindset for international companies: The global mindset is important for international companies as it is necessary for surviving in the global competition. The global leadership in the international companies is one of the important aspects of international companies. To be able to handle the international workforce and expand the business globally, having a global mindset is imperative.