Quiz 5: Political Forces That Affect Global Trade


A developed country can be described as a sovereign state which has advanced technological infrastructure and developed economy as compared to other less industrialized countries. Yes, a developed country has a moral duty to produce food over fuel crops when hunger is a global issue • Due to increased production of ethanol, food production has reduced. The world is already facing shortage of food especially in developing countries. • In some countries, people die because of starvation as this shortage of food has increased the food prices. It has become impossible for poor people to buy food for them daily. • Developed countries are not facing such starvation problems, thus they need to serve people by providing them food which is the basic need of every person to survive on this earth.

Sustainability: It is process to maintain harmony among the resource usage and the overall development. This means that there should be a proper maintained balance among the economic indicators and the environment indicators. In this case, an alliance is formed by USW and SC with a motive to look upon the environment policies to ensure jobs with environment sustainability. The issues which were considered by the alliance are mentioned below: • Increase in Clean energy source investment to increase green jobs. • Climate change is one of the crucial concern. • Formation of appropriate trade policies. • Green chemistry. The focus of the alliance on the above-mentioned issues shows that the alliance is much more concerned about the job creation by preserving the environment and by reducing the activities which affects the sustainability. Thus, it can be concluded through the steps taken by the alliance that it is an alliance of convenience.

Landlocked country or nation can be described as sovereign state whose only coastline lie on closed seas or which is entirely enclosed by land. Landlocked contribute to slower development in a following way: • Landlocked countries have to pay more as they do not have port. They have to wait longer for imported food, goods and oil. • Trading in landlocked countries is difficult because there is lack of access to the sea in these countries and therefore, they need to depend on other countries for sea ports and need to pay extra for the transit of their goods. • There are problems such as border delays, multiple clearance processes, cartels in the trucking industry and bribe-taking that always keeps transport very costly and thus contributes to the slower development.