Quiz 9: Expanding Customer Relationships


Building relationship with the existing customers is extremely important for a salesperson. The phenomenon is generally known as 'Customer Follow-Up'. It is a method that is used by the salespersons, to develop the customer relationship, after the sale is made. Referring to the case, Mr. G, the manager, could motive the salespersons to develop customer relationship. It helps in boosting the sales of a company. Moreover, it benefits the customers in the following ways: • Post sale, salespersons should make gentle efforts to provide timely, relevant, and high- quality information to the existing customers. • Notifying customers and pointing out additional product opportunities, new product developments, and new applications benefits them in the long run. • Several post-sale follow methods can be used by the salesperson to satisfy the customer's wants, demands and queries, if any. One of the best follow-up methods is to visit the clients personally, and to make sure that the customer is completely satisfied with all the promises made by the salesperson. It helps in maintaining face-to-face communication and enables salesperson to read the customer's body language. Hence, addressing the existing customers in a well-planned manner can be a good signal for a company. It helps in the retaining the customers for a longer period and thus, maintains the goodwill of a company. Apart from maintaining the existing customers, building a new business is also a critical aspect for a salesperson. New customers can be persuaded to buy a product, given that the company has a good reputation and recognition in the market. One of the marketing methods like, Word-of-mouth endorsements can either influence the potential customers or dissuade them to buy the product. Hence, buyer-seller interactions play a vital role in selling the product.

A salesforce can never be forced out of the building to do product selling. However, the company can adopt following methods to motivate a salesperson to do selling outside the building: • Rewarding salesperson : The management of a company can motivate the salesperson by appreciating the work, and performance. The person can be facilitated with awards like, 'performer of the week' or awarding the person with 'a certificate' or 'providing monetary incentives'. • Coaching and Mentoring : A salesperson often goes through a declining phase, where he/she may not able to generate enough leads for the company. In such a case, the individual can be trained on selling techniques, and methods such as CRM, customer relationship management, that plays a vital role in selling. • Addressing the salesperson's pain : Regular sales team meeting and one-to-one meeting can be conducted, to hear the salesperson's issues and concerns. It provides them a sense of belongings, and motivates them to do their job efficiently. • Provision of latest sales tool : An outdated sales tool can affects the salesperson's performance in generating the required leads. The company needs to provide the salesperson, with latest CRM, and sales tracking tools, to improve the product sales.