Quiz 7: Sales Dialog: Creating and Communicating Value


Benefits offered by self-priming paints are as follows: • It reduces material cost as costs associated with applying primer coat are eliminated. • The application time is also reduced if self-priming paints are used because they can be directly applied to meal surface. • Self-priming paint dries in very less time. • The paint is scratch, chemical, and fade resistant.

Sales aid helps the salesperson to demonstrate the product efficiently to the prospective customer. Through sales aid a sales person can explain product features more efficiently. Person R should use following sales aid to enhance his presentation: Visual materials: These include charts, graphs photographs etc. to demonstrate the features of the product. Charts and graphs are used to demonstrate the performance of the product being offered. Product Demonstration: In addition, to visual material Person R should also demonstrate the product in front of the client. This will help him to communicate his features more effectively. The above mentioned tools will help person R to present the product efficiently and increase the chances of capturing major share of DF.

Once the superior performance of the product is established person R should do following things: • He should communicate the additional benefits being offered by his company. This will increase his chances of capturing additional market share as desired. • Person R should also explain how using the mentioned product will reduce overall cost for the company. Above mentioned measures will help person R to gain the trust of client and hence increase the chances of getting addition share of paint requirements as desired.