Quiz 6: Planning Sales Dialog and Presentations


Person AZ should provide the following suggestions to Person BJ regarding the requested information: • The related benefits of Company N show that Company N's product has higher turnover rate than the replacement product. Thus, it would improve the total annual profitability. In this statement, Company N should provide a fix amount of turnover rate for their product. Simply writing " higher turnover rate " does not provide any significant information. Similarly, Company N should give an estimate percentage of increase in the Company T's total annual profitability. • Company should not provide overloaded information to the client regarding their historic sales data, projected turnover, spreadsheets, and income statements. Because, the client might not be interested to read and analyze them. Instead of them, the company can use simple break-even charts, customer opinion or reliable third party research studies to support their statements. • The company should give detailed information regarding their statements. For example, how higher turnover rate of Company N's product would increase total annual profitability of their clients. How the support around arch and extra width through the forefoot would create better shock absorption. Above mentioned points would help to provide detailed information to the clients of Company N. Hence, it would increase the chances of their association.

Customer value preposition is a statement that includes the benefits offered by a company to its prospective clients. It should be developed before preparing the initial sales dialogue. Since, this statement helps to provide a clear direction for planning the initial sales presentation of a company. Sales process of a company depends upon the initial sales dialogue or presentation as it helps to address the queries of a client. Besides this, it also helps to convince the clients regarding the desirable performance of products and services. Therefore, customer value proposition should be developed initially.