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TECH SOLUTIONS AND BARTLETT ASSOCIATES Background This case involves a salesperson representing the institutional sales division of Tech Solutions, a leading reseller of technology hard­ware and software and Gage Waits, Director of Technology for Bartlett Associates, a prominent, Dallas-based law firm specializing in corporate litiga­tion. Bartlett Associates is preparing to move to larger facilities and want to update their computer technology in the new facilities. Chicago-based Tech Solutions has established itself as a major competitor in the technol­ogy marketplace specializing in value added systems solutions for business institutions and government enti­ties nationwide. This past year, Tech Solutions has added sales and distribution centers in Burlington, New York, Los Angeles, California, and Dallas, Texas. Current Situation As an integral part of their move to new and larger facilities, Bartlett Associates want to replace their computers and information technology systems including laptop/desktop combinations for each of their 21 attorneys, desktop systems for their 10 staff members, along with archive and e-mail servers. Tech Solutions specializes in this type of systems selling and uses their network of hardware and software providers in combination with their own in-house engineering, programming, and systems group to consistently provide higher value solutions than the competition. In preparation for an initial meeting with Gage Waits, the Tech Solutions sales representative is outlining his/her information needs and developing a draft set of needs discovery questions. These needs discovery questions will be the focus of the meeting with Gage Waits and enable Tech Solutions to better identify and confirm the actual needs, desires, and expectations of Bartlett Associates in relation to new and expanded computer and information technology capabilities. What information does the Tech Solutions salesperson need in order to fully understand the technology needs of Bartlett Associates?

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