Quiz 3: Understanding Buyers


The various communication styles are mentioned below: Assertive : This communication style is characterized by strong views, less willing attitude to change, dominate conversations, and enforcing opinions. Responsiveness : This communication style is marked by good interpersonal skills, social skills, and understanding others. Based on these characteristics, highly responsive and highly assertive people are deemed Expressive communicators. Based on these characteristics, highly responsive and less assertive people are deemed as Amiable. Based on these characteristics, less responsive and highly assertive people are deemed Drivers. Based on these characteristics, less responsive and less assertive people are deemed Analytical. The excerpt indicates that D is good in understanding others and considers their hobbies, interests etc. to maintain good relationships. Thus, D is able to mold herself as per the needs of people and she is less assertive. Also, since D is very social and able to better understand others, she is high on responsiveness. Based on the deductions, D is an amiable communicator. And based on T's verdict, S has strong views that he is not willing to change. Also, S is dominant in conversations. Thus, S is high on assertiveness. S is not very friendly to start with and difficult to approach. This indicates S to be low on responsiveness. Based on the above deductions, S is falls in the category of Drivers.

In order to communicate better, the marketer should modify his/her communication behavior as per the need of the situation. As evident in the case, the marketer here is an effective communicator and is successfully able to build healthy relations with most of the people. She is an amiable communicator. On the other hand, the director of the other company is a "Driver" in terms of communication style. The traits of Director of Marketing, as presented in the case, indicate the person to be very circumspect towards any person in his professional life. The few points to be considered while communicating with the director are mentioned below. • The marketer should ensure to not act over friendly and casual towards the Director which would likely appall the latter person. • The meeting should be focused over business only. Any other communication would negatively impact the marketer's prospects. • The gestures and body language should be sober. Also, the Director should be listened patiently as the person is dominating in nature and likes to dictate terms. The marketer has most of the traits needed to establish effective communication in this scenario. However, the person should ensure not to be over friendly as that would be deemed as sycophancy by the Director.

The various personnel that would be involved in the buying decision are mentioned below. President : As per the case, the company is privately owned wherein the owner acquires the prime decision making as per the company hierarchy. Thus, the president is very likely to be involved in the process. Even if the president is not actively involved in meetings and discussions, the decision would not be finalized without consultation with the president. Store Managers : The Store Managers would be one of the key users of the product. They would be responsible for making the store personnel use the software and would need to ensure smooth operations for their respective teams. Thus, it is of utmost importance for them to be a part of testing the product and its features before buying. Director, Marketing and Sales : The Director of Marketing and Sales is an important position as he/she is heading the primary function that the company banks upon. Also, he has a team of sales personnel who would be using the software if the buying decision is made. Director, Operations : The Director of Operations would be concerned with the overall integration of company's internal processes with the software to be used. Thus, this person has to ensure the viability and compatibility of the software. Director, IT : The IT department staff would have to be completely acquainted with the software, its potential pitfalls and advantages. Thus, the Director of IT would be required to compare the software to other alternatives available. Director, Accounting and Finance : Accounting and Finance department head needs to ensure the equitability and profitability of the investment for the firm. They should analyze the potential financial gains, check if the cost of investment is justified, and therefore suggest a decision.