Quiz 2: Building the Trust and Sales Ethics


The usage of various Trust Building parameters in this case would ensure minimal loss of business, reputation, and market goodwill. However, the loss cannot be avoided as the marketing department has done multiple blunders in due to lack of marketing ethics and professionalism. Expertise as a Trust Builder : The marketer should always bank upon the expertise and highly reliable quality standards. The company does not need introduction and JA is already aware of the brand name and quality. Marketer should ensure highlighting the achievements and the USPs of the brand. In response to the dip in quality and poor relationship management, the marketer should ensure a hassle free service and offer better deal monetarily. Dependability : In order to ensure dependability, marketer would need to demonstrate that trust and eagerness to deliver quality and restore the trust. For a marketer, it is important to stick to words in order to ensure dependability. The detailed analysis of reasons for failure should be done as a part of marketer's homework. He/she should be well equipped to ensure nonoccurrence of past mistakes. Candor : Candor as a trust builder would necessitate a marketer to demonstrate high level of integrity and conformance to claims made by him/her. In order to use Candor as a Trust builder in this case, the marketer should be very honest in admitting the breach of trust by the company. He/she should be thorough in planning for the future and elevating the standards so as to not repeat the previous mistakes. Customer orientation : In order to use customer orientation as a Trust builder, the marketer should value the customer highly. If the consumer relies on the marketer after the mentioned incidents, the consumer would be skeptic and prone to resort to other options in case any dissatisfaction. Thus, appeasing the consumer with quality and professionalism is the only alternative with marketer. Compatibility : This parameter of Trust building is contextual to maintaining an interpersonal relationship with the consumer. Building a good rapport with customer ensures personal for the marketer and consequently the company growth. As a part of compatibility, the company's delegate should ensure informal communication and addressing the issues without creating hassles and legal barriers.