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Some companies like Apple are innovative when it comes to changing products and processes while others like Eastman Kodak are slow to innovate and change. This is because companies like Apple have leaders such as Steve Jobs who foster and encourage a creative environment and thinking in the workplace as compared to others. Companies like Apple focus on their operations to gain a competitive advantage. So they always are involved in innovation and due to which are never outdated from the market. Companies such as Eastman Kodak are slow to innovate and change because in actual terms the process of creativity and innovation can be messy, chaotic and result in failure. Therefore leaders in such companies do not want to take the risk of experimenting instead they may be content and satisfied to follow others. Moreover, companies like Kodak fail to evolve with time and may believe in the older products and processes that may have granted them success before, however with time they become outdated. Also they may not have enough resources to bring innovation and creativity into the organization.

The answer is (a) Tangible Those goods which can be touched and felt are known as tangible goods. Toyota manufactures automobiles that can be seen, touched and felt henceforth they are tangible products.

The Gantt chart is prepared according to the prescribed format and is shown below: img Each bar extends from the start time to the end time with the shaded portion indicating the part completed to date. The activity is started with g (it takes 5 weeks to complete) and ended with I (it takes 1 week to complete). In this manner all the activities are lined up and are ended at the end of March. The below diagram represents the PERT network, where time is measured in the form of number of weeks.. img The letter of the activity is placed inside the circle and the numbers of weeks are shown above the arrows. Simultaneously five events will be started. From the starting point five activities have been started namely e, g, k, j and d. The last point is I which is the end point. Number 1 point represents the starting point and the number 8 represents the end point. The critical point is shown by the red line which is the highest number of weeks taken and that is 6 weeks. If I am planning to form a big corporation then I will use PERT in comparison to Gantt chart. This is because Gantt chart is useful tool when the activities follow each other in a dependent series. However, when some activities are dependent and some are independent then PERT is more appropriate. Here, a big corporation involves both dependent and independent series making PERT diagram the most appropriate for this situation. I learned from this experience the art of sequencing activities and planning in advance so that it will help to determine the amount of time a particular project or group of activities will take. I will definitely apply this in my future when I would want to open a store, so that I will be prepared in advance regarding sequence of activities to be carried out.