Quiz 12: Team Leadership


Give the lesson's that can be learnt by team members from geese: 1. Lesson: Team members who share a common project can complete their work quicker and easier because they are easing the work for one another. 2. Lesson: Members working in the same team who strive for common goal should provide each other with power, strength and safety. 3. Lesson: It pays if team members take turns doing the hard jobs. 4. Lesson: Team members need to be encouraged with active support and praise from time to time. 5. Lesson: Team members should stand by each other in times of need. The most lagging is "lesson 5", which is team members should stand by each other in times of need. The following are the reasons for lagging in this lesson: • Most team members as focus on individual accomplishments in team projects. • Even though members belong to the same team, they don't offer help to each other in times of need unless they have individual benefits. • If one member in a team makes a mistake other member blames only him/her instead of taking responsibility as a team. For example, In a Team XYZ, two employees are assigned the same project. Member ABC is assigned Part 1 Part 2 and Member DEF is assigned Part 3 of the project. As DEF is new to the company, manager asks ABC to explain and guide DEF about the project and submit the completed work by the end of the day. DEF completes Part 3 of the project and submits the work to the manager as requested. Manager is not pleased with the work as what he expected was different, so he questions DEF in the presence of ABC. The main problem was ABC misunderstood Part 3 and guides DEF in the work way. Even though it's ABC's mistake him/she lets DEF to take the blame, because ABC does not want to get a bad impression from the manager.

(E). Structure is the critical organizational group context in creating high performance at Zappos. Structure refers to the way in which an organization groups and its resources accomplish company's mission. Organizational groups are different departments such as finance, marketing and human resources. Resources are the various inputs such as human capital, financial capital, raw materials and land that organizations use to get outputs such as products and services. The following are the reasons as to why structure is important to Z: • Teamwork is critical to Zappos performance and to promote teamwork Zappos management encourages managers and employees to spend exactly 10-20 percent of their time with their team members outside the office. • When team members spend time with each other, one individual member can give his/her colleague a $50 bonus for the job done well and at the same time promoting ideas that can be shared among team members.

(1) The best group of which I was a member is work in Company A. The following are the reasons why it is the best group: • My group has seven members comprised of one manager, two consultants and four analysts. • The manager is the clear leader of the group for making important decisions. The main responsibility of the consultants is to prepare reports on information and communications technology sector with the help of analysts. • I worked as a consultant and the best part of the job is manager gives freedom to make decisions on how to prepare reports. • Depending on the work load manager allows to utilize more number of analysts from other groups. • When mistakes are made I was not pointed out and criticized, the manager used to give explanation as to how things are to be done. • Work schedules are made in such a way that there no complete pressure on one individual, work is divided equally. • During appraisal the manager asks all the group members to rate each other based on their work and group behavior so that he will know how members are comfortable working with each other. (2) The worst group of which I was a member is work in Company B. The following are the reasons why it is the worst group: • My group has twelve members comprising of one manager, five associate analysts and six researchers. • The manager is the clear leader of the group for making all the decisions. The primary responsibility of the researchers is to collect data on petrochemical plants all over the work. The raw data collected by the researchers is sent for a quality check to the associate analysts. • I worked as an associate analyst and the worst part of the job is manager acts as dictator. • The manager allocates each associate analyst individual and unachievable tasks. • All the associate analysts and researchers are always under constant pressure. • When I make a mistake the manager criticizes me in-front of all the group members and asks for an explanation. • Appraisal is solely done by the manager and based on his perception he gives the rating. Best group factors in Company A: 1. Even though the manager is the leader in his group, he allows team member to make decisions. 2. Group members are very flexible and helpful and work towards achieving group objectives. 3. Consultants are assigned on projects based on their interest and capability. Worst group factors in Company B: 1. The manager never involves researchers and associate analysts in making decisions. 2. During appraisal process manager acts partially towards some members which reduces team cohesiveness. 3. Analysts and researchers focus on their individual work and don't bother about group objectives.