Quiz 11: Motivating for High Performance


People have diverse needs in both personal and professional life. A need stimulates behavior. All needs and wants are complex; people are not always sure about their wants and what they desire. Motivation is an inner desire to satisfy a need which is unsatisfied. People basically do what they do to meet their wants or needs. Employees go from need to motive to behavior to consequence to dissatisfaction or satisfaction. People don't stop with one need, they have multiple or diverse needs. For example, an employee wants a hike in the salary, for this he can jump to another company or ask for pay-rise in the current company. He is not sure about what needs to be done and his needs change upon situation. At the same time, in he needs money to pay for his half-yearly life insurance policy. He also needs to look for a new place to stay

(A) True. Art Friedman's technique focuses on motivation and performance. Motivation is the willingness to accomplish organizational goals or objectives by going above or beyond the call of duty. Friedman understood to make employees contribute more into the business is to increase the self-interest by motivating them. So, Freidman increased self-interest of his employees by trusting them with his business. He did this to show his high expectations on them and treated them as high achievers to get the best of them which inspired motivation. All the 15 employees worked hard to reach his expectations and succeeded to run the business effectively.

Description of the situation: In a Market Research Company ABC, the company's main operations are preparing reports and act as consultants to organizations by proving insight on the information technology and telecommunications environment. Associate Consultants are the people who do the research work and the engagement manager monitors all the consultants. Each consultant works on individual or multiple projects. Consultant XYZ is assigned to a project for a long-term client, his objectives are to find the best locations to open a research center where the client can find the talent pool easily and build the center and get the infrastructure for low-cost. As the engagement manager was on leave the consultant was asked to go to the client's place for meeting and make him extend his account with the company. So, the consultant went to the client's place, gave an impressive presentation and the client has also extended his account with company for the next 2 years. Step 1: When the engagement manager came back from his leave, he was happy about the extended account and the way the Consultant XYZ managed to convince his analysis to the client. He called everyone in the team to the meeting room appreciated the Consultants effort and took all them to a team dinner that night as a token of appreciation. He did this to motivate his employees and increase his self-respect. The manager also told what the consultant did correctly. Instead of giving the presentation theoretically, he convinced the client by showing the cost-advantage of each location which was beyond his normal job design. Step 2: The engagement manager appreciated the behavior of the Consultant XYZ. It would have not been easy for the consultant to go to the client's place and give the presentation. He would have been under a lot of pressure and also he could have asked the manager to postpone the meeting and present it when the manager is back. But he did not do that, the consultant took up the challenge and proved to be capable of handling a big client. Step 3: The engagement manager when he called everyone to the meeting room, he explained how this kind of behavior to take up challenge is important for the company and required for employees Job enrichment. At the end of the meeting, he took a moment of silence to get the effect so that it will register on employees mind. Apply It: We can understand from the above situation hard work and behavior to take up challenge will help in job enrichment. This knowledge can be used if any employee is faced with the same situation.