Quiz 10: Communicating and Information Technology


The flow of communication can be improved by conducting various team based activities and games among colleagues so that enhanced level of communication takes place between them resulting in improvement of work in a cooperative manner. But for this the manger would be required to make efforts. The manager should try to develop an enhanced level of team based and cooperative environment so as to increase the level of healthy communication between the employees.

The answer is (b) i.e. interpersonal. It is due to interpersonal communication that C was asked to resign. Interpersonal communication takes place among departments and individual.

1. (b) Inform The goal of the communication was to inform the employee through drawings. 2. (a) vertical downward The communication was between a manager and the employee which are in different levels. 3. (b) ineffective and ineffective The manager didn't specify the objective of communication to the employee that is why the job of encoding wasn't effective. In the same manner employee could not understand the process well thus did the job of decoding was ineffective. 4. (c) combined The manager used both oral and written communication to transmit the information. 5. (b) too little The manager spent too little time on planning. 6. (b) false The manager did not developed rapport with the employee 7. (b) false The manager did not specify the objective which disrupted the communication process. 8. (b) ineffectively The manager did not specified the objective which disrupted the communication process and the message was transmitted ineffectively 9. (d) neither The manager did not take any feedback from the employee 10. (b) too infrequently The manager did not take any feedback from the employee and thus did not checked the understanding very frequently 11. (b) false The manager did follow up with the employee 12. (a) effective The employee did an effective job of listening, analyzing and checking the understanding 13. (b) false The manger did not get emotional. 14. Yes, the objects were drawn to scale. 15. Yes both the employee and the manager followed the rules. 16. (b) closed The manager was closed while answering questions however; the employee was open to criticism. 17. To improve the communication I would ask the manager to communicate the employee the objective of this exercise. Not only this, the manager should also provide feedback to the employee. I learned from this experience how communication is important in an organization and a lack of communication or usage of proper channel to communicate results in ineffective communication. I will definitely apply this knowledge in future by learning from my mistakes and not repeating it.