Quiz 1: Management and Entrepreneurship


Yes I am interested in being a manager. A manager is the one who combines all the various resources to achieve the organizational goals. Managers are those who work in organizations, who manage people, resources and direct them so that a company can achieve maximum profits.

The answer is (b) physical Physical resources involve equipments or materials available for running a company. Microsoft is considered to be a technology leader so technology is a part of physical resource.

To improve the ability to remember people's names I can associate each member behavior or characteristics with his or her name. So whenever I will that person it will remind me of his characteristic and ultimately his name. I learned from this experience that a leader or a spokesperson represent a group and also leads a group. He helps in managing the situation well and at every point helps in clarifying the doubts. I will definitely apply this in future as I realized that everybody in an organization need not to raise questions in front of the CEO or a manager as it can create chaos. Rather a leader can ask questions and clarify the team doubts. This will help in reducing time.