Quiz 14: System Administration


Configuration tools Different configuration tools can be found on different websites. For example, there are tools available on the IBM website for different system configurations, server configurations, database configurations and so on. One such tool IBM System x and BladeCenter configuration tools listed on the IBM website is presented below: Type the website address in the address bar of the browser to open the IBM homepage as shown below: img In the Search box, type " configuration tools " and hit Enter. The screenshot of this step is given below: img The search result page provides links to various tools the details of which are provided on their respective links. For instance, click the first link that provides details about IBM System x and BladeCenter configuration tools. img The details about IBM System x and BladeCenter configuration tools can be found on the webpage as shown below: img This tool is used to help the sales representatives and partners configure system products such as IBM System x, IBM Flex, and IBM BladeCenter. Similarly, the configuration tools available on the HP and FUJITSU websites can be inspected.

Infrastructure A lot of capital resources provide various benefits to organizational units and functions. For example, office building provides benefits to all the functions and units housed in it. These capital resources are also referred to as infrastructure. Their characteristics are listed below: • Service to a relatively large and varied group of users • Costs which are not easy to allocate to different users separately • Recurring needs for different and new capital expenditures • High costs of maintenance Hardware as well as system software provide Information System services and are therefore considered infrastructure. This is true because, these organizations depend on large and efficient computer systems which are used by different units within the organization.

Information system Information system resources are expected to provide service over a period of years. Explanation: Information system or IS resources are used to provide services for several years.