Quiz 7: Inputoutput Technology


Storage Space Various commercial software products that support's the organizations which stores all the documents that includes medical records, patents and engineering data as the graphic files are given as: Under the website launched by data bank the software tools includes installation services and integration, system design that provides immediate access to the organizations valuable records and data bases. The various software products and the various services enable a solution that manages stores and delivers the information. Data captures and various intelligent databank documents allows automatic transformation of the paper documents and the information's related to business from the virtual sources and thus integrates them with the ERP and CRMs and various other financial applications. Other commercial products include Digital signatures, OCRs, Automated Indexing and E-Forums. The differences between the described commercial software products and the various other traditional data storage approaches includes easy and quick data management, price and cost of the products are realistic, ensures data protection, all the levels of performance are acceptable and is priced realistically. The unique capabilities that can be possible with the image-based storage and retrieval are the value of the information contained in the documents as a part of the images is of higher value and importance. The image technology enabled converts the various paper based documents into the digital images that are used for the storage and retrieval of the information. It provides both image based and textual based queries. The various hardware and costs capabilities that are required are: In most of the data storage organizations the cost of the documentation and storage components decrease as the various other constituent services gets improve and thus educes the costs of the compliances.

Manual Input Devices (Keyboards) • The early computer systems use to accept the input using the punched cards or the tape. The keypunch machine thus converts the manual keystrokes into the punched holes within a cardboard card or the paper tape. • While another device, called as the card reader, converts the punched cards into the electrical inputs that the CPU could easily recognize. • The modern keyboard devices were used to translate the keystrokes directly into the electrical signal's, thus eliminates the need of the intermediate storage media, such as the punched cards or the paper tape. • They also use various integrated microprocessor, called as a keyboard controller which was used to generate the bitstream outputs. • The key thus pressed was used to send the coded signal into the controller, and the controller thus generates a bitstream output accordingly into the internal program or by using the lookup table.

Color display Color video display can be achieved by using elements colored red , green and blue. Explanation: Different color combinations are used for different purposes. Such as in paint, the primary colors used are red, green and yellow. Similarly, for color video displays, the three primary colors used are red, green, and blue.