Quiz 6: System Integration and Performance


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Comparison between Desktop family and Workstation family The Dell OptiPlex family and HP Z-Series are chosen for the comparison. The Dell OptiPlex 3010 Desktop for the optimal performance is configured with a processor of 3.30 GHz, operating system of 32 bits, and hard disk of 1 TB. The HP Z1 is configured with a processor of Intel i-3. The 3.30 GHz processor is used in HP Z1. It uses a 32 bit operating system. The technical specifications of the Dell OptiPlex 3010 Desktop for the optimal performance are as given below: img The technical specifications of HP Z1 work station for the optimal performance are as given below: img The performance of both the systems is very different. The difference in the performance can be understood by the configurations. The desktop is using 2 GB RAM, and the work station is using 4 GB RAM. The upgraded processor is used by the work station. The storage capacity of the work station is very high as compared to a desktop family. So, it can be said that the performance of the work station is high as compared to the desktop. On the individual bases, both the systems are best to work with the specifications. The price of Dell OptiPlex 3010 Desktop is $800.00 and the price of HP Z1 workstation is $950.00. The difference in the price makes some differences in the performance. As the price of the system increases, the configuration of the system becomes better. So, the costly system will have high performance and low execution time for the instructions.

System bus and its components System bus: • The communication channel which is used to connect all the components of the computer system is known as system bus. • All the transmission lines are physically connected to carry memory addresses, signals for the status and control, and data are also carried in the system buses. Different bus protocols are used to carry the data and signals. Main components of system bus: The components of the system bus are as given below: • Data bus • Address bus • Control bus The above mentioned components are used to make the system bus properly.