Quiz 1: Computer Technology: Your Need to Know


Job Prospects for IS Professionals Type the specified link in any of the browser such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox. img Click on the link given as ' Occupational Employment and Wages by Area ' and wait for the new page to open. img Now click on the link as ' Search by Occupation' and wait for the link to open a new page. img On the new page two options are given with radio buttons, choose the one written as ' Select from a list of occupations on the following page ' and the second which is written as ' Job openings due to growth and replacement needs ' and click on the button as Continue. img On the next page multiple options are provided to select one of them, select one named as ' Network and Computer System Administrators ' and click on the search button. img The result is displayed as follows for IS professionals: img As the records show that total number of vacancies between year 2010 to 2010 for all kind of occupation will be 143, 068.2 to 163, 537.1 thousands but for IS professional it will be only 347.2 to 443.8 thousands and in percentage it will be 27.8%. Job opening due to growth and replacement needs will be 155.3 thousand in the year between 2010 to 2020. Typical level entry will require only bachelor's degree and work experience required in that field would be zero.

Configure Complex Device To operate a complex device requires less knowledge than the knowledge required to acquire and configure them. For example it's easier to know how to operate a refrigerator, a computer system or how to drive a car rather than knowing the all technical details of the systems or how to compare the same kind of machines with different processors. It really becomes hard for Information System professionals to determine configuration choices. To evaluate which device to choose among various alternatives requires the capability to determine the compatibility between the choices and the alternatives available. To configure a device requires much technical knowledge such as to know the technical terms as gigabyte, DDR, USB. It may also require the need to know sales documentation, advice of friends, experts or sales person. But to know how to operate any device simply requires knowing the basic functionality of the system that how it all works, no much technical detail is required as such.

Information System Students Students of information systems generally focus on application software. Students of Computer Science (or) Computer Engineering generally focus on system software. System Software is a kind of software which is designed to control and operate the computer hardware. It also provides the platform to run the application software.