Quiz 15: Social Service and Support


Social Media marketing plan involves drafting a complete strategy which will be followed by the organization to attain specified goals through social media presence. It is necessary that the company should observe its social media presence before designing the complete strategy as that way the company will be able to analyse what initiatives they have already taken, which ones are working well, where the improvement is needed, which initiatives are not beneficial that needs to be either modified or closed. Thus, a complete screening tells the organizations its current position in terms of social media presence, areas of improvements, tactics to follow and thus design an effective social media marketing plan effectively.

Company social media strategy helps it in achieving its marketing goals through the social media channels etc. Company uses different strategies for different websites to engage customers like they could use videos to engage customers with the brand emotionally, they can use live feeds to engage customers and resolve any issues via social media etc. Company is using special deals offers to customers on check-ins, ads to generate traffic to company website, creating worthy content, frequently updating the page, providing useful tips, run contests, offer discounts. Similarly on social media TW, they are responding to questions, comments promptly, 10-15 tweets daily with use of hash tags, usage of shortened links to share interested articles, videos, news etc. give always to increase followers. On Video Channel Y they followed the following strategy of tagging of videos on Video Channel Y with relevant keywords, regularly posting videos, reply to comments, cross marketing through other social media channels. All these strategies helped the organization to build a strong social media presence and thus achieve the marketing goals through increasing followers, traffic on website, new customers via offers or deals, retention of old customers by engaging them.

Social media is a platform where the probability of getting the target audience will be high on all the channels however the company decides which ones to target more. As the company is into coffee it can be used by all age groups. Thus, the company can use all the channels in a balance. For example, the foursquare which is a location based social media channel can be used to target the audience in the nearby vicinity of the customer like by providing a deal to someone who is in the vicinity of the store. They can find customers on fb where the friends discussing to meet or plans for meetings can be float with cross mailers, or else some deals on the Social media F can be opted by audience, Video Channel Y videos can also be used, similarly Job Social network LN where professional associations occur can also be used to engage customers. The audience can be found on all the different channels for different purposes some might be using it for professional association, some for fun, some to find out best deals etc. Food blogs and deals sites can also be used to promote products on social media.