Quiz 14: Social Sharing


SAS faced with various challenges when decided to measure the social media mentions. Analytics is a difficult stream wherein all the qualitative data needs to be converted in terms of quantitative data. Some of the issues faced by the organization are as follows: • Accuracy of data: to bring the trust of management in the data reports is needed without which all will be waste. Thus this was a challenge for the company to maintain accuracy to get the trusted reports. • Timeliness of Data : with the increased speed on social media of mass communication which demands quicker response and accuracy. As the internet operation works through-out it requires quick data coding and recording. This means that acting on time is important to get accurate data. • Context clarity: The Company only don't need to convert the things to numbers rather they have to understand why the numbers came to be what they are. They can understand the data quickly as well the competitive environment they are operating in. Thus, the major challenges faced by the company when it decided to develop a tool to measure the social media mentions were measuring data, benchmarks to be followed, timeliness, accuracy, clarity, trust of the client in the reports provided, a vast research, a competitive environment which needs quick turnaround time, working through out. Correlating the data with online activities, methodologies to be followed for conversion of data, coding, recording data from various sites were all big challenges for the organization.