Quiz 13: Social Networking and Online Communities


B drive launched C O'B was based on creating buzz and connects with influencers through mobiles. It also had a website which included the live map, live cam which allowed users to track its exact location anytime. They used a foursquare to connect with the audiences. During the tour on the blimp, users were allowed to check in to the blimp on foursquare if they see it flying overhead. This check in made them win the badges and on unlocking them they got a orange bag with slow moving gas and more canon. This blimp drive received large no of check-ins and hundreds of comments on foursquare during the promotion tenure which helped the organization to create buzz and thus drive awareness of the program at TBC which helped the fans to be engaged and convert into viewers, also the blimp videos were repurposed for 'y', 'f' which further helped in promoting the show which all helped to attain the desired output in less budget.