Quiz 11: Blogging


The company has a tax software solution which allowed the customers to file tax but the drawback was the seasonal thing of the business though the company was comfortable with that but the concern was how to retain the customer year on year. For the same the company used the social media twitter to get in touch with the customers through live feeds. The company followed its strategy of following up with customers to engage them in the twitter strategy as well. They constantly engaged their customers through live feeds, answering their tax related queries in minutes through experts which helped in building trust and retain customers. As when the customer is able to interact with company it built emotional connect and trust which makes them come back again. Thus the strategy allowed them to retain customers which are less costly instead of focusing on bringing only new client. Thus the trong name recognition of the company from Intuit's software quicken helped the twitter strategy positively as the both were coordinated and used the same message to engage the customer to serve them best.