Quiz 10: Viral Marketing and Influencers


'A' media CEO L used the strategy of connecting with quality contacts only instead of just increasing the number of contacts. He always used recommendations from his existing clients for the work which helped in getting his profile viewed as powerful. Also he used his existing connections to get introduced to new contacts. That way it is easier to connect with the quality people. He also used the feature of People you may know to add on his contacts, used SEO service by adding the most searchable phrases instead of my profile, account etc., also he answered various questions weekly which were related to his business and thus got various awards for the best answers. All this also helped him to get connected with quality candidates. As someone who is looking for a related topic will also search for the profile who answered and will get connected and it helps in getting sales. All these helped in getting contacts which helped him to people from whom he could generate business, professional tie ups instead of just increasing numbers. Also these contacts helped him in connecting with other potential clients through introduction feature, their recommendations also helped him to bridge and get to the needed clients.