Quiz 9: Management and Staff


'N' is a big name in cameras especially for the professional range of cameras. Company wanted to capture the share in compact division of cameras as well thus they used social media. Company majorly used two sites 'f' FB to engage customers with the brand emotionally. They used 'f' for the professional photographers by providing them a platform to present their work and discuss the tips and things related to photography. FB was used to get in touch with non-professional and less serious photographers and they were also provided with various tips and techniques. Company also organized various programs, contests to gain emotional attachment with the brand. The incentives provided by the company on the social media for the contests seem to be appropriate with the motive which the company was up to using social media. Through the use of contests which involved photo sharing attracted a large customer base to the sites and added value to brand. This provided customers to win recognition for their work from a well-known name is the industry. Some other incentives which the company could have provided can be some compact cameras, some trips to do better photography, a chance to connect with well-known names in photographers, chance to meet professional photographers to learn more.