Quiz 6: Social Customer Relationship Management


Ans 1. Inspired Marketing was conducting free webinars for generating leads and converting into sales. The company was providing valuable content for free through webinars. This process was making the audience to attend the webinar as potential clients or leads and in the end of the presentation the company was also converting the leads into sales. The most effective and successful part of this webinar was that the company was creating relationships with the audience. The company was exhibiting its expertise and creating a trust among the audience. This phenomenon was creating curiosity among the audience to know more about the services of the firm. Ans 2. It was a part of the company's strategy to present the information about the firm in the webinar for free. The company was presenting the information to its potential clients. The strategy of presenting the information for free is successful as it was building a relationship and trust between the firm and the audience. This strategy was making the audience more interested in the information of the firm and signing up and converting into sales. Ans 3. Seminar refers to meeting held for a community to provide information at a place and webinar is the process of conducting the meeting for the community and providing information through world wide web. Seminar provides face to face interaction with the audience, grab attention of the audience and solve the problem immediately while webinars are conducted online so it can reach out geographically to any location, it is more comfortable as one can join from any place and it is cost effective. The products like automotive software solutions, educational solutions, management information system software and other such related products that requires information prior to purchase by the customer. Webinars are conducted to educate the customer and provide the information about the product. With the growth of technology and online world , the scope of webinars and online meetings have grown exponentially. This has affected the market and shifted the seminars into webinars. Ans 4. A podcast is a recorded file of spoken words available online for the audience. The user can download and listen to the file as and when required. A webinar on the other hand is live interaction between the audience and the speaker in which the information is provided. With podcast the probability of error is low as it is a planned-recorded file while webinar the probability of error is high as it is live. Webinar can be interrupted by the audience while podcast is a one-way communication and cannot be interrupted by anyone. Podcasts is a one-way communication while webinar is a two-way communication. In webinars the speaker and the audience can interact and clarify their doubts on the spot which is not possible with podcast. Feedback is a very important part of communication. In webinar the feedback can be taken from the audience immediately. In case of any confusion, the problem can be rectified by the speaker there and then only. In case of podcasts, there will be delay in receiving feedback. Once the feedback is received it cannot be rectified in the same file. Another file must be prepared for it. One cannot find out who has provided the feedback. So, in comparison between podcast and webinar, the communication done by the webinar is more effective for providing information about the product.