Quiz 5: Social Service and Support


A blog can be referred as a website which has content with regular updates. It is an active form of website and provides an opportunity to engage its customers. Blogs are publishable, findable, social, viral, syndicatable and linkable. In the case presented the company HP took advantage of its celebrity status by providing a lot of content on its site from her celeb friends and contacts followed by other celebs. It also provided a platform a large number of bloggers to make their work visible, reachable to a large audience. The companies which are not having the celebrity advantage can also be successful if they have used the effective Blogging strategy. It is necessary that a Blogger should use catchy titles to bring attention to their posts, update frequently to keep the readers active and linked, should keep their posts focused to the subject, invite comments from readers to initiate two way communication and thus a large traffic, promote the blog to increase visibility, avoid negativity, stand by the content to avoid controversies and negativity and do cross promotion of its blog. By ensuring these steps anyone who is not having the celebrity benefit can also be successful. As customers read blogs for content not for the reason of who is the owner. So if you are able to provide the hot, effective and good content on your blog it will be successful.