Quiz 4: Ownership and Measurement


Here, in this case it can be seen that the company BP did not realize the power of social media marketing and the reason that they have not develop a well-planned marketing strategy using social media. The company did not use social media platform to engage with customers after the incident of oil spill, that can be harmful. Instead the company tried to use the same to cover the issue. 1. BP could have enjoyed many benefits from social media campaign if they started the campaign a year before instead of a month after the oil spill. The benefits are listed below: • The company BP could save the PR disaster that happened after the oil spill. As, making presence on social media after one month of the oil spill seems less towards public engagement and more about the oil spill control. • The company could control the damage that happen due to oil spill. If the company did not underestimate the real amount of the oil spill. • They could easily communicate the message to the public during the crisis, i.e., the oil spill. When the company BP eagerly wanted to communicate o public and tried to purchase public attention that was seen as inauthentic. • The company BP could maintain their loyalty ranking with the help of social media, that fell after the crisis. 2. Initially, the company BP refused to take the direct responsibility of the oil spill, due to which parody account was making fun of it. The situation could have been better if the company BP took the complete responsibility of the oil spill and had not underestimated the quantity of spill. The company took half hearted apology by stating that the spill was not their fault, but they are cleaning it up. Instead if the company had presented as their fault and their responsibility may parody account had appreciated them instead of making fun. 3. Yes, it would have been better if the company BP reported higher amount and overestimated the extent of leakage. This is because, when a company announces higher data in such cases there are possibilities that the customers become loyal to that company. Secondly, the company is portraying transparency and shows the responsibility of that company, increasing the good will. 4. As per the interview of Person TH, he was not aware about the amount of leakage and the injuries. But once he came to know the real data he apologized and presented the real data and took the necessary steps to control the situation. Hence, this was a well-constructed social media message. 5. The company BP's oil spill severely damaged and threatened many industries that were at risk along the N. Gulf. Industries that were at risk includes recreational fishing, tourism, and some other that were relate to natural resources. The EVO spill in 1989 resulted in damages to immediate and chronic ecological, social, cultural, and economic damages. Which was further known as one of the biggest environmental disaster. The communities living nearby the oil spill side in both the cases were largely dependent on natural resources like seafood, etc. These natural resources got serious impact die to oil spill and the life of people residing nearby changes a lot. In case of EVO spill the people started to live in small communities and the seafood business is moving towards an end in Alabama. However, in case of BP's oil spill higher number of seafood harvesting got contaminated similar to Alabama. In case of EVO spill people were very highly dependent on seafood business. However, in case of BP's oil spill, people were into different businesses like ship building, marine supply, marine repair, and others.