Quiz 3: Social Media and the Digital Transformation


Market segmentation refers to the strategy of dividing the market in segments based on some similar characteristics so as to target them with the right product on right time. Social Media marketing also involves the segmentation of target market to strategize the effective social media marketing strategies. In the case described the company has segmented its market into 6 segments based on the level of product usage and customer involvement with the brand. The three major personas on which the company spend the most of its social media marketing time and effort are Lead users, 1:1 community and connected community. This persona consists of consumers who are actively using product, engaged with brand and product design. People from these personas help company to bring in advanced product needed in the community by providing active feedback. Company has seen tremendous growth by using the feedback actively and implementing them in product offerings. With time the new categories could evolve with the changes in the characteristics and the company's strategies. Like those who are active on social media and help in promoting brand and product by acting as brand advocates or buzz can be categorized in new persona.