Quiz 2: Who Uses What


Social Media marketing plan plays a leading role in any organization as it lays the goals of social media and action necessary to achieve them. In this case the company was faced by a negative publicity on social media channel but it didn't respond to it on time. Also they did not use the same channel as on date to resolve the issue so that the customers can be aware of the resolution. The media still shows the shortcomings of the product which causes the new customers to refrain from using it. Also the response given in the magazine was from secondary resources where the proper response from the organization was not in direct form which created a negativity about the organization in the minds of the consumers. Also the response on social media was unresponsive, instead of responding on social media company involved in resolving the issue for existing customer by providing a program for security, then providing exchanges for few weeks. All these steps led to the media explosion of the organization eventually.