Quiz 1: Social Media: the What, Why and How


JB operates in Airways sector. It uses social media platforms like TT, YTube and Fb in order to get closer to its customers. It attracted lot of customers towards their official website for purchasing tickets. Hence, social media has been considered an effective tool for JB Airways. Social Media refers to using internet to connect with your customers, create buzz and increase brand awareness. With the increased usage of internet companies also started using it more to connect with its customers. After the February 2007 incident the company used the social medium platform to reach its customers which helped them to gain a lot of customers and a buzz was created which even helped in gaining new customers. The company then realized the power of social media and thus started it using as main source of engaging customers. JB had the desire to reach out to its customers and accept the apology. They wanted the customers to heat them out on social media platform. They were able to connect to their customers through social media platforms after the 2007 incident. They made use of social media websites like YTube to reach out to the customers with their apology message. This way they were even able to target the potential customers and keep the loyalty of current customers intact. They would not have received the outcome the way they wanted if they would not have used multiple platforms. They were able to maintain positive brand image of their customers and respond to their feedback and messages effectively. Hence, in this way JB has rebuilt its reputation and made enormous strides in improving its relationships with customers by way of using the use of social media.