Quiz 5: Business and Economic Forecasting


a) The table below shows the data on arrivals for each transportation mode against time. img To plot actual data points: • Select cells C1 through F18. • Select the "Insert" tab. • Click "Line" in the "Chart" grouping. Cruise ship arrivals are fastest growing mode and is clearly the source of growth for a business dependent on tourism. Ferry arrivals, on the other hand, appear to be the slowest growing mode. It has actually shown a decline in between.

Moving averages is one of the forecasting methods. Here, to forecast the lumber prices of two-four year ahead, consider three year moving average. img , Here, N is 3. From the table data is taken from 2000 year as the table is too large. img Therefore, the lumber price for year img

Miss-rated bonds are nothing but bonds that are low rated are conveyed as A-rated while selling to the customers. These types of frauds are played by the senior executive levels in order to reach their targets of investments from customers. In general customers do not read the documents and only believe in the executive's explanation and invests. Further, customer cannot blame as he/she signed the bond. This type of fraudulent activity could lead customers to take high risk on low rated bonds. With the proper business integrity that controls the fraudulent actions of senior executives can definitely make the difference in avoiding the crisis.

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