Quiz 12: Statistically Based Quality Improvement for Attributes


Key attributes for a high quality university: A quality university must sustain all the attributes, such as, • Qualified and efficient teachers. • All the Laboratory facilities and technology in campus (wifi connection, college management software). • Quality canteen and bus facilities. • 100% placement activity. • Advanced technical seminar class for the student (Robotics and airplane assemble section) Thus, the above mentioned attributes are for having high quality university.

Synopsis: It is required to design a sampling plan used to test a lot of 10,000 products, whether these products meet the requirements. Assume that Company X produces washing soap. The design for testing the product is listed below. Sample plan for test the product: The basic quality check requires testing the weight and availability of the product in the pack. Sometimes, during the packing, product will not available within the cover. It will be easily identified using the air blower to eliminate the empty cover. One unit product weigh is 100 grams and it is tested by 1000 units. The total weigh should be 100 kilogram. If the weigh is less than 100 kilogram the products should be separated by each 100 units and tested again. It helps to find the defective products.

Attributes for automobile tire: • Design tire with safety analysis • Maximum permissible inflation pressure • Maximum load capacity • Rim diameter code • Blocking of the wheel alignment • Puncture repair Hence, these are the following attributes of automobile tire from dependant intending to use the product.