Quiz 1: Differing Perspectives on Quality


Quality: Quality is the measure of excellence or the standard, which defines the degree of the excellence of the product or service. Determine why it is difficult to define quality: Quality is the characteristic of the product. However, it is not the attribute to define the object or service. Quality is the perception of the individual regarding the product or service, which may differ person to person. Quality for the product or service is user specific; it may depend on the application of the product or the satisfaction of the customers. Even though if the product quality were verified with quality control methods, the customer would define the quality based on the dependability and reliability of the product. Thus, the term "quality" is hard to define universally. It would differ person to person. Determine how people can improve the understanding of quality: Quality can be understood by tracking the mistakes, which was done earlier and making method that is more efficient to measure the quality of the product. If the mistakes were tracked efficiently, people can be able make necessary improvements. Necessary actions will lead to the improved understanding on the concept of quality.

Discuss Garvin's eight dimensions of quality. Eight types of quality dimensions by Garvin are given as follows. • Performance : the quality of the product always depends on the performance. If the performance improves, the quality of the product is also improving. • Features are the specifications of the product to analyze the basic performance. • Reliability is the process of giving consistent performance by the product. • Conformance is the process of checking designed product with the actual specification limits. The smallest amount of variation in the specification limit is known as tolerance level which is acceptable by the bureau standards. • Durability is the duration of the working level of product without failure. • Serviceability is the process of repairing a product. The product can be easily repaired if serviceability level is high. • Aesthetics : the product characteristics, such as feel, taste, sound, and smell, and so on, are called as aesthetics. • Perceived quality is based on the opinion of the customer. These multi dimensions by Garvin provide different aspects of quality. Because, the customer is always expecting good quality of the products. Thus the Garvin's eight dimensions of quality are described.

Yes , there is a difference between the service quality and product quality. • Product quality is based on the components used in the product and attributes or features of the product. • Service quality is the comparative result between the expectation and actual performance. This type of quality technique is used to improve the economic competitiveness. • The definition of service quality is more difficult than product quality. But, service and product quality have more similarities. • In restaurants, the serving of the food will be affected (service quality) if the server is in a foul mood. But, food and service in a restaurant (product quality) could be excellent, even when the server is in a foul mood. Thus the difference between the service and product quality is stated.