Quiz 8: Strategy Formulation and Execution


When the company was purchased in 2005, it was only two years old and thus in a state of infancy. It enjoyed explosive and popular growth amongst younger, more music and social oriented audiences. This growth created high revenue and returns until the advent and introduction of its competitor FB. FB seemed to have its own uniqueness and the ability to absorb everything the company was also doing. This created the downfall for this company that it could not overcome. Synergies were well spent, successful, however short-lived as its success only spanned three years. P purchased F in 1965, thus creating a long-term successful partnership that grown with great success and synergy. F is now 30 percent of the P market share and enjoys the continued market increases. The purchase of F by L in 2010 has brought F back from bankruptcy and into the casual dining game. F can now be owned by a franchisee or company owned. It has also been able to grow on a global level in Middle Eastern countries. The majority of its success tends to however be in the Texas and California area. In 2008 when IB purchased AB it created a successful merger that helped IB recreate some of its European labels as well as market AB labels on a higher global level. This maneuver came in turn with the recession. As IB was cutting the red tape on its newly acquired AB, its workers joined the workers in the unemployment lines. At this time the synergy is only one of joint survival for the US AB, however it is a global growth for the IB Company as a whole as emerging markets continue to grow and purchase their brands.

In the case of S participants that are unpaid in the marketing affiliation, it should not be required to reveal their participation in the marketing program unless asked. The participants are not being paid or employed by the company, so therefore should only have to reveal it if they are directly asked.

A strategic plan defines the strategies and plans to make effectives decisions to allocate resources in an organization. Strategic plan puts forth the new and oldest formats and specialties that were offered by universities, which would help the students to compete for market share and interest. A proper plan would help the schools to develop bond with the companies searching for possible tandem course plans. The absence of the plans would lead to chaos and mislead the employees. This will divert the organization from achieving goals.