Quiz 7: Planning and Goal Setting


The NMR problems stem from a strained bandwidth of human and technological resources. The N operational goals and plans and tactical goals and plans are more than likely not aligned with the newer forms of how customers view television shows. Therefore they have not allocated appropriate server and computer systems to handle all the processes that are needed in order to get info in a timely manner.

The considered organization's mission is to provide its local customers with the highest quality, most reasonably prices organic products available. Having a clear mission statement benefits a small organization in that it formalizes its position within its product market to both its customers and employees. A mission statement acts as a guiding light for the employees as it helps them get familiar with the exact long term targeted position of the organization.

Since CH is an inner-city high school that is in a budget peril and could use the software, it would make sense to try to get involved and see if there is any other way she can help them raise the funds they need to purchase the software. This fundraising in the CH name could also help Inspire's community image as well.