Quiz 5: Managing Ethics and Social Responsibility


As a manager in Antonio's position using the utilitarian approach, he will have to allow Kevin his point of view based on his morals, however, he cannot not forego the issue. Antonio will have to go back to his boss Roger and bring this issue to the table even though Matt went out to do the work already. Roger will have the ultimate responsibility at this stage of dealing with and making the decision. If Antonio employs the individualism approach, he will still have to take the same course of action and go to his upper management to handle and deal with the issue at hand, as that is where the direction came from. And without any ethical systems in place to protect Antonio or Kevin this is their best path unless they already have jobs at other companies lined up first so they can report this to the insurance company.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s quote of " As long as there is poverty in the world, I can never be rich…As long as diseases are rampant, I can never be healthy…I can never be what I ought to be until you are what you ought to be." can be applied to both a company and individual's discretionary responsibility. It is well know there will always be poverty or unequal groups that would benefit from help that corporations and individuals can provide.

Nathan Rosillo being faced with the decreasing government regulations and the dumping of wastes into the Dutch River should choose the first option. He should request to meet with the manufacturing vice president during his next visit and discuss marketing Chem-Tech as a volunteer of reduced pollution partnering. This would give them a competitive edge amongst their customers.