Quiz 3: The Environment and Corporate Culture


The environmental factors that have helped to create the situation J.H. is facing are internal cultural factors. Factors that J.H. needs to consider are: • The cultural values as observed in the organization should be scrutinized to decide where the action of his operation head stands. • J.H. must think what the fire-able offenses are and does the action of his operations' head qualify for that. • If it is found that the offense is fire-able, J.H. must think over the replacement cost of J.H. which could be critical. • J.H. must consider the fact that a female employee has been fired for checking another employee's profile. Now if the operation head is released for committing the same kind of mistake, legal actions may come up against the company for treating employees differently on the basis of gender.

In order to become a more effective in today's changing global economy and business environment, there are a certain grounds on which a manager has to be more prepared. • One such parameter is social awareness. A manager should be active socially which helps him/her to predict if anything will affect the business operations. • Being updated with major political, legal economic changes of his/her company as well as other competitors and partners. This enables better decision making skills as the manager is equipped with more knowledge. • Maintaining cordial relations with other employees. This helps the manager in the pursuit of "getting work done". Good relations ensure that the employees have a higher degree of loyalty towards the manager and consequently towards the organization.

Obtaining a competitive firm's confidential information without permission and using that information to gain advantage is unethical. The boss might not have realized how much damage it could cause to the reputation of the company, if leaked. Going to the Company's legal counsel or the SCIP will only raise doubt for the company. Therefore, the best option is to talk to the boss in private. Make him understand how the unethical use of these documents can pose legal and public relation problems for the company. But if the boss tries to ignore these facts and still push to use these documents, proper authorities should be notified.