Quiz 1: Leading Edge Management


"E" Products is in the midst of making some important changes to try to make itself a market leader once again. • One of the large areas it is focusing on is more employee engagement and power to make more decisions with its customers in the sales area as well as the supply chain. • Initially top management selected several managers to work on with several areas to change. • It seems to be too much change involving too many departments all at once for such a large and long standing corporation. • Top management should rethink this very well meaning initiative and divide it into pieces or phases of development so certain areas can be actively focused on without causing disruption for too many other areas of the company.

Mangers are the key persons for any organization. They have a great demand in the market, and are expected to be the pillars of an organization. Experienced managers are trained not born, i.e. they have exposure to different situations that make them capable to take right decision at the right time. Managing a business is not that easy, as there are challenges that come all of a sudden. The uncertainty, ambiguity and sudden change in the business environment is relentless. So, managers to survive in the present business market should possess the new theories and strategies to overcome the hurdles put forth by the business environment. Having management responsibilities in today's world would be ever challenging. Certain skills are definitely needed to overcome the threat of uncertainty and ambiguity. The skills and competencies that a manager should possess to manage the responsibilities in today's world are as follows: • Manager should be updated with the technical skills, as the business models in the modern world rely on technology. • Manger should be capable to interface well with the departments within the hierarchy, and should have all the basic skills that leaders possess to manage their team. • Manager should be able to identify the issue at the initial stage, and implement the right alternative to overcome it. • Should be able to screen the available information, i.e., information should be given utmost importance before making a decision. • Should be able to manage the uncertainty of market, and adapt change whenever necessary.

Based on the complaints about Roger Jacobs and his long term issues and complaints with personnel it would be difficult to just look the other way about this particular manager. • This person has a great talent in product development, which means we would want to keep him around, make sure he is developed well and taken care of so he may continue to develop products for the company for a long time. • Since there has been another immediate complaint Roger should be working with his senior management to take some classes on management ethics and how to work with employees. • Performance measures should be put into place in this area of behavior as well. • If Roger continues this type of behavior it could mean big trouble in both reputation and lawsuits further down the road.