Quiz 28: P28: Statistics and Linear Regression Stats


Open and review the worksheet indicated. In this problem you will calculate statistics on the data given for a company. You will use several functions in the worksheet to calculate this data. The unedited file will look like this: img

Open the file listed. Enter the formulas where indicated on the worksheet using cell references so that if any data is modified, the figures will automatically update. Most of the formulas can be found in the statistics section. Be sure to include any additional data in the problem. When you have entered your formulas, your worksheet should look like this: img

The company wants to determine the cost prediction for the next month if the estimated volume for the month of January change. What will be the cost prediction for 25,000, 20,000, and 0 units for January When the data for January's estimated volume is changed, the results are the following: img The cost prediction for January at zero estimated units is the same amount as the fixed cost per month, which is the intercept.

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