Quiz 7: Creating Custom Reports


Custom report: • It refers to a report which is created by the user based on the specific report needed by them. • These reports are used to fix the formatting problem and also to add some special features.

Report view: • It is an interactive view of a report. • Report view can be used to view the contents of the report. Actions that can be performed with the help of report view: • It can be used to apply filter to the report data. • It can also copy selected portions of the report to clipboard and use it in another program.

Grouping field is a report sort field which includes a Group header section before a group of records with the same sort field value and a Group footer section after the group of records in a database. • Group header section will display the group name and the sort field value of that group. • Group Footer section will display subtotals or counts of the records in that particular group.