Quiz 6: Using Form Tools and Creating Custom Forms


Forms are used to perform all the database updates. Forms provide more readability and control than the table and recordsets. There are some guidelines which need to be followed while designing the form and it will help to make the controls easy in forms. The record source property specifies the table that provides the fields to the form. It must be set correctly.

Row Source property: • Row Source property is the property which is used to specify a data source for a control in a form or report or for a field name in a table or query. • Row Source property is set to the table name or query name in database. • A sql statement can also be specified in the Row Source property. • It specifies the source from where the data is to be taken for the field. Therefore, the appropriate word to fill in the blank is Row Source.

Documenter : • It is an access tool which is used for creating documentation of the objects in a database. • With the documenter, it is possible to select the objects and print the documentation of the object properties and fields used by the object. • It helps to understand the object and the properties of the object in a database.